How to make a car using dc motor(12 steps with picture)

Project time 30mins

I will teach you how to use a recycled materials like dc motor, AA batteries and carton to make a toy car at home easily.

This project is mainly made for your kid’s, it’s a simple diy project from my YouTube channel. I have make many videos on simple life hacks like this that you must watch, you can view my channel here.

This project is a great way to come up to show your creativity skill for your kids and friends.

Materials required:

  • DC motor
  • AA batteries(new)
  • AA battery holder
  • Switch
  • Straws
  • 2 plastic pulley
  • Rubber band
  • Wooden dowels/skewers
  • 4 Bottle caps

Tools needed:

  • Knife or Razor blade
  • Super glue or hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Wire straippers
  • Tin snips
  • Drilling machine

Step 1: Cut the carton top


. Measure 3 inches or more at the top of the carton, according to the length of the carton you use. But it is 3 inches I use on my own.

Step 2: cut the carton bottom


. Turn over the carton and use the measurement/shape you use above the carton to cut out the bottom.

Step 3: Add straws

. Place two straws on anyside you want and make sure each straw is 1 inch outside as show in the image above

. Add glue to the straw and make sure it dry very well

. Once the glue as dried, cut a section(1 inch) from the middle of the back straw(where you make a opening).

Step 4: Fixing of the pulley


. Take the 2 pulley (1 inch & 1/2 inch) with the rubber band as shown in the image above

. The small pulley goes on the motor shaft and the large pulley will goes to the place you cut out on the carton

. Pass the wooden skewer through the large pulley

Step 5: Fixing of the Axle


. Put the rubber band on one side of the straw

. Put the skewer you have put the pulley to into the straw you glue on the cardboard, and allow it to stay in the middle of the carton.

. then add glue to the skewer and the straw to make them glue firmly together.

Step 6: Drilling of bottle cap

Bottle caps

. Take the 4 Bottles cap and place them on the table for drilling

. Use the drilling machine to make a tiny hole on each caps that will fit in the straw.

Step 7:Attaching of the wheels

Wheel fixing

. Put one skewer into each straw, make it past through the bottle caps and the straw as shown in the image above

. Apply glue to all sides to make them stick together for efficient rolling.

Note: make sure every settings and measurement are equal.

Step 8: cut out the pulley notching

Pulley notching

. Use Scissors to cut a small portion on the carton (it’s for the small pulley)

Step 9:Battery Holder

Battery holder

. Place the battery holder on top of the carton and then apply glue to make it stick with the carton.

Step 10: Attach Dc motor

DC motor and pulley

. Fix the pulley to the motor shaft and apply glue

. Place the DC motor to the notched place of pulley, apply glue

. Take the rubber from the big pulley to the small pulley (as shown in the image above).

Step 11: Wiring and switch


. Connect the red wire to one leg of the DC motor (do the same for the black wire).

Fixing of the switch

. Apply glue on the carton then Place the switch on it.

. Cut one wire either red or black in the middle then connect each mouth to the switch (according to the image above).

Step 12: Adding of battery

. Put the batteries into the battery holder then turn on the switch and watch your car racing ahead.

Note:make sure the battery you are using is a new one, so that your car will race faster.

Drop your questions in the comment box, you can also ask me questions at Instagram, Facebook, linkdln and YouTube.




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