how to make a robot hand out of cardboard (with picture)

I am a content creator on youtube, I teach people how to utilize promptly accessible materials to generate their own creative skills and inventions project, you can view my YouTube channel here.

To create a robotic hand is not easy but I have make it easy for those that wish to want it easy for them, so just read through my blog to know how to make it step by step with pictures.

You will need some accessible material’s to make your robot hand project successful, the list of materials you need have been listed below. Let start with our project.

Materials needed:

. Tape
. Scissors
. Cardboard paper or cardstock. paper
. drinking straws
. Pearl drink straws or bigger diameter straws
.Yarn or twineStep 1: Cutting out of the hand Trace your hand on a cardboard or cardstock paper.
. Cut the traced hand out.

Step 1: Sketching of hand

. Trace out your hand on the cardboard paper.

. cut out the hand you have trace.

Make sure the hand you want to draw Is bigger than your hand.

Step 2: Creating of joint

. Mark your finger joints on the cutout.

. Draw straight or curved line across it.

Step 3: Finishing of the hand

.Fold the fingers at the lines.

. Cut smaller straws to size (leave a little gap between the lines to facilitate in threading the yarn).

. Tape straw pieces to the hand.

. Thread yarn through the straw pieces.Each finger will have a length of yarn of its own.

. Thread all five pieces of yarn through the bigger straw.

. Follow the image if you are lost about what to do

.then draw the thread that pass through the straw and see your ronotic hand moving.

. Now we are done with our robotic hand.





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